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The Serval Spot

Tales of a Feline and her Flock

Amarin Astarte
23 October 1978
This LJ now deactivated. Please go to my blog linked above if you like! It's Syndicated!

80's music, alien civilizations, alien worlds, alternate universes, ancient civilizations, animal rights, animals, animation, anime, anne rice, anthromorphs, anthropomorphic art, art, asexuality, asexuals, astrology, astronomy, bast, batman, betta, black death, black holes, black mages, bob rivers, british comedy, buffy, button quail, canaries, captain jack, catfish, cdc, celtic, chickens, chopping block, classic rock, clockwork orange, cobras, comics, darwin awards, davinci code, delorians, donnie darko, drawing, eagles, ebola, eddie izzard, egypt, elfquest, environment, equality, falcons, fanfiction, fantasy, feathers, final fantasy, finches, foxes, full circle, gambit, gay rights, genetics, goth, graphic novels, great britain, guns n' roses, hellraiser, horror, hrc, illustration, individuality, invader zim, ipod, j-pop, jack the ripper, japan, jhonen vasquez, joseph vargo, jthm, kokin gumi, law & order, libra, lord of the rings, m.c. escher, manga, michael manning, monty python, mothra, mummification, muses, nature, nightmare on elm street, nightwish, northwest, nova, paganism, paranoia agent, parody, peafowl, pet shop of horrors, pets, pigeons, progressive rock, psychosis, pyramids, queen, red dwarf, ron white, rpg, rush, sailor moon, sarek, saturn, science, science fiction, scorpio, scorpions, se7en, sehkmet, serial killers, servals, six mile bridge, smeg, smegheads, sonata arctica, stealth bombers, stonehenge, string theory, symbology, tarot, the young ones, thunderbird, thundercats, tim burton, time warps, totem animals, vampires, virology, volcanoes, voltron, watership down, weird al yankovic, werewolves, white holes, wildlife, wolves, wonder woman, woodhenge, x japan, x-men, yaoi