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The Serval Spot
Tales of a Feline and her Flock

For every 100 "leaves" (messages) a tree is planted on Kangaroo Island in Austraila to help purify the air. It's free and fun! Add a leaf every day!

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I want to see this study done with asexuals, too... just out of curiosity

Gay Men Respond Differently to PheromonesCollapse )

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Well, out of work again. I'd say it was impressive to get fired by the post office, but you haven't had to deal with Phoenix Transit. yep. canned for being late too often due to the buses being on CRACK. 20 minutes late is not cute. Your connection then being 10 minutes late after you missed the one you were supposed to get initially is LESS cute. It's not just me it's... Phoenix Transit/Valley Metro. Yep.

So... anyway. Babies all doing well, and... time now to clean and strangle noisy birds and othersuch. *kills a woosta and a pea*

here's a cute picture of August, who it turns out is a boy after all, I'm pretty sure now, in his new carrier. Get hum used to travel now so if I ever take him on a plane or long car ride, he wont be insane.

The serval was feeling a little sadistic this fine morning, so here's a little something I wrote in an hour or so.  *trundles off to the unemployment office*

Title: Shade
Summary: There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees, for the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas. ~Rush; The Trees.  Someone gets tired of being in the shadows and the background all the time.
Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: Keith/?, suggestions of Keith/Lotor
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Voltron belongs to WEP.  If I owned them... meeehee...
Feedback: T'would be nice...
Archiving: Drop me a line, I'll probably say hai.
Warnings: N/C and general light sadism.  Nothing too squicky, but...  Yeah, so... not work safe.
Notes: Takes place about four and a half years after the start of the series, making Keith just shy of 21 (I like using the Golion ages ^-^)

ShadeCollapse )

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HOW is it obscene? It doesn't even have LYRICS as far as I can tell!!

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