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The Serval Spot
Tales of a Feline and her Flock
Spent Friday the 13th with a friend from out of town-ish and one of her friends and her baby... a bit surreal but actually enjoyable. And I got new fish. The little petstore across the street had girls.... that I had to look twice at and ask "Are you SURE these are female bettas?" despite the fact that they weren't trying to kill each other, therefore had to be. SOme are a little chawed up, but I'm sure they'll be fine once they have time to settle and heal in my rather laid back tank Check out the tails on these girls!Collapse )

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Since I've gotten no major critiques in beta mode on this one, I guess it's ready to go, so... here we go with this one!

Title: Silver
Series: Metal (Yes, I do intend to keep this going... there's so much fun to be had with it.)[1/?]
Fandom: Voltron
Summary: A challenge posted by randi2204 to voltron_yaoi. What she wrote is in i-tal-ics, and what my muse grabbed and ran away with is the rest.
Pairing: Keith/Sven
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Voltron belongs to WEP. However, the monkeycrack is mine, all mine!
Feedback: Please?
Archiving: Drop me a line, I'll probably say hai.
Warnings: Certain individuals may have passed the realm of submissive into girlish in some opinions... And by the time I'm done with the next two parts or so, if you don't think every character needs to be in therapy and/or on medication.... then my muse and I have not done our jobs.
Notes: No, I don't speak a word of Swedish and my Japanse is limited to random words and song lyrics, so blame any errors on translating web pages and misprints therin.

SilverCollapse )

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OMFG! I remember these! I had a TON of them! WOO!!

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My brother, who's been heading out this way for years by his promises, has finally left South Carolina and is on his way.... by hitchhiking. >_<

Last we heard he was in Georgia.

Anyone wanna take bets?

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So, walking home from errands few minutes ago a cop blares through the light full sirens. Okay. Ten seconds later five cop cars. Uh-oh. Then an ambulance. Then more cop cars. And another ambulance. Here come the ghetto birds.... Oookay, errands over for today... or at least for now.

Apparently there's a robbery involving a beer truck or something a couple miles down. Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

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